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I was diagnosed with POF at the age of 32. I am now 51.

I had my first child (a daughter) when I was 25 and I had my son when I was 28. At about 31 years of age I decided to stop the pill and that was when my periods just failed to start up. My son was very ill as a baby and I had very little sleep so my GP sent me to a neurologist – who determined I was depressed and put me on antidepressants. This went on for 9 months or so and still no periods so it was actually a close friend who suggested I go to a gynecologist. They finally discovered POF at 32 years of age. There is no history of this in my family and the cause may have been because of the emergency caesarian section I had with my son, my ovaries may have been damaged.

At the time it was hugely upsetting because several of my friends were having their third child. Although we had only ever planned on two it is only when you can’t have something that you want it!!!!!!!!

I had a wonderful GP and tried several different types of HRT. At first I was on the patches which really worked well, but then the government stopped the subsidy and we were having a difficult time with our business and so we couldn’t afford them. I started trying all the different pills and finally settled on Premia. I was on this for 16 years and probably would still be on it were it not for all the publicity etc I stopped taking it over two years ago and have literally had two years from hell. The night sweats, day sweats, not sleeping and lack of sex drive being the main symptoms. I have tried several herbal pills and have found they only help slightly.

My daughter is now 26 years and has been in a relationship for 7 years. I have had to warn her that the same thing may happen to her.

While there are times when it does seem the end of the world, I watch telly and read mags and realize there are many people out there who are far worse off. We have to be grateful for life and live it to the full, in the best way we can.

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