Woman's ovaries 're-awakened'

When I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure at age 30, I was told there was no point investigating how many eggs I had left as there was no procedure available to stimulate them into maturing enough for IVF treatment. Donor eggs were my only option. Tuesday’s announcement of the birth of a child from a new fertility technique ‘In Vitro Activation’ heralds in a new era for the 1% of women diagnosed with this life changing diagnosis. We eagerly await the time it becomes available to all.

Nicole Evans
National Co-ordinator
NZ Early Menopause Support Group
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If you’ve found this site, then the chances are either yourself or a loved one has been diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure, Premature Menopause or Early Menopause. There are a lot of things to consider following a diagnosis of early menopause and you may be feeling overwhelmed right now. You may be feeling worried or uncertain about what this means for you and perhaps also for your partner. We certainly don’t believe we have all the answers. In fact, we know that we don’t. But, our experience has been that a friendly ear and a shared story with someone who has been through a similar experience can help a lot.

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Square 130x126There are some excellent books around to help you manage your early menopause. Please see our Library page for a list of recommended titles available for loan to all members. Some of these books are also available to purchase from Fishpond. Click on the book titles for more information.

New informative movie about menopause

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Hot Flash Havoc

HOT FLASH HAVOC is enlightening, entertaining, humorous, profound, and is a crash-course in what you need to know about menopause. It has the power to be a life-changing experience for every woman.

This film not only sheds insightful light on the confusion stemming from a decade of misguided facts, but conveys poignant stories shared by real women and in-depth interviews with the world’s most noted experts.
HOT FLASH HAVOC provides compelling information about menopause that will empower women for the “Second Act” of their lives.

While not specifically aimed at the prematurely menopausal woman, there’s a lot of trustworthy, current information in this documentary. They cover the physiological and psychological effects of menopause and present a broad discussion of the treatment options available, focussing heavily on clarifying the benefits and risks of hormone therapy. The specialist interviews are interspersed with a variety of real-life stories and the result is an easy-to-understand and entertaining film. We hope you enjoy it.

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