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Primary Ovarian Insufficiency talk by Dr Stella Milsom

Australasian Menopause Society 2014 Congress, Auckland, NZ
Primary Ovarian Insufficiency talk by Dr Stella Milsom, Endocrinologist, and Nicole Evans, NZ Early Menopause Support Group Co-ordinator

We hope you enjoy watching this talk given to medical professionals outlining the symptoms, diagnosis, management and long-term considerations of this condition.

Slides 26–39 cover the support group portion of the talk.

A big thank you to Pfizer who sponsored the talk and gave us permission to use this video.

Watch the presentation

Useful Websites

This is a fantastic web site! Not only does it have oodles of information on it, it also has a brilliant discussion board. When I was diagnosed I found that many of my friends just didn’t get it. Often they’d say things like “how great- you won’t get periods any more”!. They didn’t believe me when I said I’d take my periods back in a heart beat if it meant I wouldn’t be menopausal. When I heard things like that, I just knew that I wasn’t going to get the support I needed- and in fact, I wasn’t even sure what it was that I needed- until I found the discussion board and got it!!!

I think this site told me that I wasn’t on my own- I was part of a bigger community of women all around the world. I remember getting a response from a woman in Spain and she ‘got me’!!! I just felt a little less lonely somehow. Here was a woman on the other side of the world who not only had experienced similar things to me but she also cared enough about a total stranger to reach out and post a response. I’m not sure this wonderful woman will ever know what a wonderful thing she did that day and how good she made me feel.


The Daisy Network

The Daisy Network is a terrific site. It’s specifically for prematurely menopausal women which is great. There is lots of info on the site itself, but I think the real benefits stem from becoming a member. There is a minimal cost involved but this provides all sorts of benefits. The one that particularly interested me was receiving the latest research developments occurring around the world. I notice they also have an annual conference which seems to be geared toward women themselves (as opposed to those with a medical background).

The North American Menopause Society

This is the North American Menopause Society site and provides a lot of reliable information, as well their “Early Menopause Guidebook” that you can download for free!

Australasian Menopause Society

Since 1988 the AMS has been at the forefront of new directions in women's health and aims to bring accurate, evidence-based information to health professionals and the community.

The Jean Hailes Foundation for Women's Health

The Jean Hailes Foundation for Women's Health is a general site for women’s health, but has a section on Early Menopause (see topics in right hand column)

Fertility NZ

Fertility New Zealand is committed to supporting, advocating for and educating all people who face infertility challenges at all stages of their journey and beyond.

Early Menopause UK

This site is for all women who have experienced or are going through menopause, but especially for those of us where it has hit early. Not as informative or user friendly as some of the other sites. Seems to be quite new.

Fertility Friends

Fertility Friends is a meeting place for couples in the fertility community. Has a great discussion board.

Silver Ribbon Foundation

Our mission is to educate our community to raise awareness about all gynaecological cancers and support those affected.

Endocrine Online

This is a British site with easy to read information sheets, designed “for individuals who want more than the basic information about a particular condition”. My specialist directed me to this site when I was first diagnosed. The article on POF gave me pretty much a summary of what she’d told me, but in black and white which was very handy to refer to while all the new terminology was swirling around in my head. The HRT article is also very informative and it also includes a description of the various types available.

Fragile X Trust

Browse this site to learn more about Fragile X Syndrome, including diagnosis and testing, treatment and educational strategies.

NZ Addison’s Network

Addisonians need sound information for best quality of life. And, because it's rare, Addison's disease is a lonely disorder. That's why the New Zealand Addison's Network (NZAN) was formed in 1996.

Helpful Books

See our Reference Library.

Audio CDs (Available to members on request)

Australasian Menopause Society 2007 Annual Congress – Menopause: Never Too Young

Four recordings available:

  1. Why Ovaries Fail – Keynote Address from Dr Gerard Conway, University College London Hospital, London
  2. Management of Premature Ovarian Failure – Dr Gerard Conway, University College London Hospital, London
  3. Psychological Aspects & Counselling – Dr Mandy Deeks, Jean Hailes Foundation, Melbourne
  4. Infertility & Ovarian Reserves / Fertility Preservation – Dr Kate Stern, Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne

North American Menopause Society 2010 Annual Conference

One recording available:

Premature Ovarian Insufficiency [aka POF] is not early menopause – Dr. Lawrence Nelson, National Institutes of Health