Lunch at Castaways, Waiuku – Saturday Oct 6, 2007

Hi ladies (& Andrew!)

I just wanted to report back on what a lovely time we had at Castaways in Waiuku last weekend. The setting is awesome – the restaurant is perched right on the cliff top and I found watching the waves come and go so relaxing. I went for a walk on the beach after lunch as I always feel so energised after walking on the sand, gazing out across the water and being enveloped by the roar of the immense ocean. I think I did some healing on a few different levels on Saturday.

First of all, I have to thank the other three ladies who came, as I’ve been having a bit of a rough time lately. There have been a fair few pregnancy announcements and it’s always a double-whammy because not only do I have to cope with my initial hit-in-the-gut, almost physical reaction and hide it, but I also have to put on a show for the sake of the excited mum-to-be. I am always genuinely excited for her, but my very first reaction is “another one?!” All my friends know my situation and so each one of them has told me that they’ve thought twice before telling me so I feel like I’m being tip-toed round and not really a part of their world anymore – very isolating. So, needless to say, I was really looking forward to catching up with some women who understood where I was coming from. And it was great. We caught up on each other’s lives and discussed our thoughts and experiences. I’m beginning to realise that this is a diagnosis that I’ll be living with for the rest of my life not only physically but emotionally as well. So thank goodness for this support group or the future would be looking really tough!

Apart from all that stuff, we also talked about organising a national get-together. The last two that I know of have been in Taupo and Wellington, so we were talking about a visit to Waiwera in winter next year. We were hoping this would mean we could take advantage of cheaper rates, but I rang them this morning and they don’t have an off-peak season as people visit consistently throughout the year. So it’s looking like it’ll cost about $60 each per night in the spa. There are other accommodation options around and I’ll look into them as well. So have a think about it for maybe June next year. Nothing’s booked yet so the dates are flexible and it’d be great to have a good turn-out. We were chatting about a theme to base it around, and bone health sounded like a good meaty subject. My specialist has said she or a colleague might be able to come and talk to us about the medical side and we can book spa treatments or horse treks or go to the pub for some time-out as well. It might be nice to have a counsellor there as well to facilitate some discussions – not that women generally need any help in that department! Please let me know what you think about these ideas and any other ideas you have as well and I’ll collate them and report back in the coming weeks.

There really is nothing like meeting and talking to women in the same situation as you to help you sort your head out. There is an immediate bond and freedom to talk about anything and everything in as little or as much detail as you feel comfortable. It’s done wonders for me.