Pot Luck Dinner at Felicity's House

Wednesday March 14, 2007

I just wanted to report back on what a lovely night we all had at Felicity's last Wednesday.

Everyone brought something totally unique to eat and it was quite a lavish feast! Huge thanks to Felicity, Jean-Philippe & the lovely kitten Buchon for letting us invade their house.

There were 7 of us there in the end and, just like our December night out, there wasn't enough time to do all the talking we wanted. Only two of us had left by 11pm and the conversation was still going strong.

I think Trudie was the only one who knew everyone, so it took a little while for us all to get to know each other well enough to feel comfortable sharing our stories. But conversation over the great food soon led to more personal chat. I think the beauty of this group is that you don't have to talk about yourself at all if you don't want to, but after listening to others talking for a while, you want to join in as you hear someone talking about a subject or issue close to your heart. And because you know all these other women are navigating a similar rocky road to yours, you feel safe to share. It's the feeling of safety and understanding at the core of this group that is so special to a relatively new kid on the block like me.

Our Web Site

When we got to chatting about the group web site we're setting up, I showed everyone some logos that my husband Dave created (based on the paua theme from the Wellington weekend) which I'll forward in a separate email for you to have a look at.

Trudie and I have drafted some ideas for the site. Here are the various pages we thought would work:

About Us
About Early Menopause
Personal Stories
Links & Resources

A few volunteers offered to write their stories and do book reviews & web site reviews. Thank you very much! All other volunteers are welcome as well.

We talked about purchasing several domain names so that if someone typed www.earlymenopause.co.nz or www.pof.co.nz or www.nzem.co.nz etc. into the URL box, they'd be re-directed to us. Of course this would probably mean we'd have to come up with some money to keep the names, which we don't currently have to do via NZORD. Trudie is in discussions with NZORD so no doubt they'll let her know how they can help.

Contacting GPs

Everyone agreed we needed to get onto this as your GP is where you usually go at the first sign of symptoms.

I got the idea of sending an information sheet that includes our contact details from the pofsupport web site. You can see their blurb by clicking on this link:


We'll modify their blurb and then look at how we can most efficiently deliver it to doctors. I'm still hoping to get hold of an email address list or a place in one of the Royal NZ College of GPs publications as this would be the cheapest option. But if you're seeing your doctor, perhaps you could ask him/her what their preferred method of communication would be and let us know.

We just about have an Auckland address list but there are around 900 on this list alone. So if we're thinking of printing something out, we'll probably need to look at ways to raise funds.

As an aside, not many funding bodies are willing to hand out money to groups that aren't an incorporated society, so maybe we'll have to look at that one day. NZ Post provides free postage-included envelopes to non-profit organisations via their Community Post scheme, so that would be worth looking at, but applications don't open again until August.

Any and all ideas for the web site or anything to do with the way the group works are most welcome. This group is about us and it needs to work for us all.